John Ashbey has a noteworthy history undeniably worthy of a talented and experienced writer who lives and breathes dog shows. Unfortunately I am not that person. The hardest part of putting together his website was this question; "How do I write about such a successful photographer in the business of photographing dogs? How can I possibly write a deserving "About" page on his website without the help of...well, dog show people? I can't, but I can show you his works in photographs and displays of some of his most beautiful images as well as his best show pictures from some of the most prestigious shows. I have had the honor and the privilege of post processing thousands of John's images from those shows for 8 years and I am very happy to assemble some of the best for all who visit here.

Kerrin Winter Churchill couldn't have said it better in the featured article published in the July 2008 issue of the AKC Gazette. Simple yet eloquently titled, "The Image Maker", Kerrin writes; "For half a century, John Ashbey has been behind the lens at America's most prestigious shows". "Like Rolex and Mercedes, John Ashbey's name has become synonymous with quality." The article was wonderfully written and delivered a true image of a man who deserves to be noted for his dedication to the dog show world and for the standards he had set long ago for all dog show photographers alike. "Ashbey's success reflects his dedication to making each picture his personal best. His imprint can be found on many of the most memorable "show win" photographs, and his candid work is highly coveted." Churchill goes on to give us an in-depth picture of Ashbey's successful career by tracing back to the roots of his father and well known collie breeder / handler, Frank Ashbey. "But his greatest talent of all...his eye for a dog...was most certainly handed down from his father, Frank, a successful handler who piloted hundreds of dogs to their championships during dog showing's golden era, some 50 years ago."